Steam engine action photographs at Wadley, GA

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Wadley depot

These pictures are from the Warren Calloway collection and are used with his permission. He is not sure who the photographer was but he believes they were made by Dan Sanborn, a photographer from Florida. Warren has his own website.

Wrightsville & Tennille engine 43 Wrightsville & Tennille engine 43 picture Wrightsville & Tennille engine 42

Looks like Wrightsville & Tennille engine 43 is putting the daily mixed train together in front of the Wadley depot. In 1952 the mixed train was scheduled to leave Wadley at 1245PM and arrive in Louisville at 1:15PM. It would then turn around, leave Louisville at 2:15PM and be back in Wadley at 2:45PM.

Wrightsville & Tennille engine 43 photograph

It is hard telling exactly where this is. From the angle of the sun, I am guessing that this is the train from Louisville headed back to Wadley taken in the afternoon.

Wadley Southern mixed train from Swainsboro

It looks like the Wadley Southern mixed train from Swainsboro has just arrived in downtown Wadley. In 1952 the train would leave Wadley at 830AM and arrive in Swainsboro at 930AM. It was scheduled to leave Swainsboro at 11:00AM and get back to Wadley at 12:10PM. Each of these mixed trains ran daily except Sunday.

Wrightsville & Tennille engine 43 photograph

The Central of Georgia Railway had control of the Wrightsville & Tennille, the Louisville & Wadley, and the Wadley Southern. Engines did not operate exclusively on the lines for which they were lettered. That is why the W&T engine 43 is in Wadley. I think engines 41, 42, and 43 were made by Baldwin and are 4-6-0 wheel arrangements. Engine 208 is a 2-8-0 consolidation. The Wrightsville & Tennille was another short line and ran from Tennille (about 30 miles west of Wadley) south through Wrightsville down to Dublin.

Wrightsville & Tennille engine 208 photograph Wadley