Train pictures from Wadley, GA part 3

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Looking for trains in Wadley

That toddler is me in March 1949. I was out looking for trains in Wadley.

Train station in Louisville photograph

Ten miles north of Wadley is the town of Louisville and the end of the line for the Louisville and Wadley. This is the station in Louisville, GA in 1947.

Louisville and Wadley steam engine number 6 photograph

This is a better view of the Louisville and Wadley steam engine number 6, although the weeds hide most of the running gear.

Louisville and Wadley steam engine number 6 in Louisville

L&W engine number 6 is at the station in Louisville having just come up from Wadley. In 1952 the train was scheduled to leave Wadley at 1245PM Monday through Saturday and arrive in Louisville at 115PM. An hour later it left Louisville and arrived back at Wadley at 245PM. No trains on Sunday.

Louisville and Wadley engine number 6 in Wadley

Mr. Bootsie Bedingfield poses for a picture as the engine is on the siding just east of the passenger station in Wadley. The two pictures above are from the Jim Hauser collection used with permission. Jim thinks his uncle Hank (Carl L Hauser a pro photographer in Miami) took the photographs.

Louisville and Wadley engine number 41 photograph

In 1953, the six spot had been replaced by engine 41.

Central of Georgia GP9 picture

By 1956 diesels had replaced the steam engines. Engine 170 is a GP9.

Southern Railway SW1 engine 1000 at Wadley, Georgia

The Southern Railway took over the Central of Georgia in August 1960. By December of 1974 there was only two miles of the old Louisville and Wadley left operating. Engine 1000 is shut down on the wye in Wadley. This picture was taken in December 1974. During the work week, the engine would be "fired up" and used to haul empty log flats north to a small yard at the north end of town and then return with the loads. After switching in the small yard at Wadley the crew would park the engine on the wye and shut the engine down until it was needed the next day.

Southern Railway engine 1004 shoving log cars north in Wadley, GA

In March 1977 engine 1004 is shoving the empties north to the wood yard at the north end of Wadley. As you can tell by the condition of the track, this was not a high speed operation.