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Union Pacific freight train symbol OS at Wahsatch, Utah

Union Pacific Railroad freight train symbol OS at Wahsatch, Utah

The sun has just barely had time to rise over the mountains. The track gang is getting the speeder ready to head east on the westward main when train OS (Extra 278 East blasts into Wahsatch on November 9, 1976. Train OS (Oregon Special) originated at Eugene, Oregon on the Southern Pacific and came over the Modoc Line. At Ogden, the UP added some more power to insure that this train will make it all the way to North Platte with no problems.

After this train passed, I decided to drive through the old tunnel mentioned on the previous page. I soon discovered why the railroad chose to bypass it. The tunnel drips water from the ceiling. This is no problem during most of the year. But in colder weather the water freezes on the tunnel floor and builds into large stalagmites. Before the tunnel was bypassed in 1943, M/W had to go into the tunnel and chip the ice away before it built up to the point of derailing a train. I bounced over one of these and it turned the car sideways. Fortunately I wasn't driving that fast and managed to get stopped before the car hit one of the tunnel walls. Needless to say I only drove through the tunnel once and took the alternate way back to the freeway. Disk 75