Southern Pacific train symbol HOLFM at Mermentau River swing bridge

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Southern Pacific train symbol HOLFM approaching Mermentau River swing bridge

Engines 4151, 5009, 3199, and 4104 are pulling train HOLFM across the Mermentau River swing bridge on January 5, 1986. Unless otherwise restricted to a lower speed, all trains are restricted to 35mph while crossing this bridge.

Southern Pacific train symbol HOLFM on Mermentau River swing bridge

The first and last units in the locomotive consist are GP20s. The SP/SSW began receiving GP20s in 1960. During a rebuild program most had their 567 engines replaced by non-turbocharged 645 engines. However a few of the GP20 went through the rebuild program and retained their 567 engines and turbochargers. Disk 101