SP train symbol LAEST at Corsicana, TX

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SP merchandise train symbol LAEST at Corsicana, TX

Extra 7621 East (the Merchandise - symbol LAEST) comes by Tower 72 on October 23, 1980. The train now has a Cotton Belt crew and will run to Tyler.

SP Extra 5308 West at Corsicana, TX

Later that afternoon Extra 5308 West has become Extra 5308 East as the train begins to pull out of Corsicana after a crew change. Engine 5308 is an SD39 originally purchased to supplement the Tehachapi Freight Pool. The SP received 16 SD39s built in late 1968 and added 9 more built in 1970. With a V12 turbo charged engine the locomotive only had 2,300 horsepower. It was not meant to be a race horse but an engine that could lug long heavy trains over the mountains. When that pool was dissolved the SD39s were re-assigned to Texas.

SP Extra 5308 West at Corsicana, TX

The second engine (an SD45) may have been running hot as the head brakeman is checking the water level before the train heads off to Tyler. Disk 99