Burlington Northern trains meet at Saginaw, TX

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Burlington Northern empty coal train goes into the siding to meet train 78 at Saginaw, TX

Saginaw Tower was an Armstrong plant. Levers in the tower were connected through a series of pipes to switches and signals around the tower. On this morning the operator could not get the siding switch to go over to reverse with the lever. He had to take the handcrank and go down to the switch to get it to go over. My first attempt at a picture caught Extra 7187 West coming right out of the sun. The train would go into the siding to meet train 78 (Extra 6421 East). I would chase the empty coal train all the way to Wichita Falls.

Burlington Northern train 78 after meeting empty coal train at Saginaw, TX

Hard to believe that the empty coal train stayed on the rails getting into this siding. It you look you can see the caboose on the empty train in the distance. Disk 89