Southern Pacific Alco switchers at Englewood Yard in Houston

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Southern Pacific Alco switchers Englewood Yard in Houston

A year earlier (September 1972) I was driving from Virginia Beach, VA to Bremerton, WA to rejoin the submarine. Steve met me in Houston and together we drove to his home near Palmdale, CA. When we got to Southern Pacific's Englewood Yard, we thought we had found Alco heaven. It was a Sunday morning and not a lot was going on in the yard. The Alco switchers above are resting from their normal weekly assignments switching the various refineries and chemical plants in the Houston area. Engine 1730 is an S4 and all the others are model S6.

Southern Pacific Alco S6 switcher Englewood Yard in Houston

We did find one S6 putting out the signature smoke signals that earned Alcos their reputation. I think all of my pictures from that trip were lost and these are the only pictures I have from that trip. These are not on the photo CDs.