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Southern Pacific Railroad Hydra-Cushion boxcar from 1964 brochure

HYDRA-CUSHION is for fragile freight

So popular have Hydra-Cushion freight cars become that despite SP's huge fleet, it is necessary to remind shippers that these cars are for fragile freight. If your shipment is likely to dent, break, crack, shatter, get out, of round or out of line, or is otherwise susceptible to damage, you should call on SP for the right kind of cushion under frame car. But, if your shipment doesn't need this added protection, then SP's standard boxcars will move it equally well. So please do your part to conserve the supply of cushion cars. They are very much in demand for fragile shipments, including yours.

Largest cushion-underframe fleet in the US. Beginning in 1957 with the perfection of the Hydra Cushion underframe (developed by Southern Pacific and Stanford Research Institute), cushion underframes have been a marked success in American railroading. Since then, SP's cushion underframe fleet has grown to more than 7,400 cars, with 1,95 more to be delivered by mid-1965, the largest cushion underframe fleet on any US railroad.

Proof of Hydra-Cushion performance. In 1963, a total of 67,478 Hydra Cushion car trips were recorded on SP. For these, the average damage claim per car handled was only $3.55! This is a representative sample based on fragile or other breakage prone shipments subject to high loss and damage: canned goods, liquor, beer, wine, furniture, newsprint, glass, cereal food preparations, and tin plate.