Southern Pacific hydra-cushion brochure from the 1960s

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Southern Pacific insulated Hydra-Cushion boxcar

Beer gets an unruffled ride and keeps its cool, too, in SP's insulated Hydra Cushion cars. This new king sized car has a payload capacity of 5,563 cubic feet; the non-insulated version has a 6,038 cubic foot capacity. Movable bulkheads brace shipments. Plug doors fit flush on inside, open to 16 feet for fast , economical loading and unloading.

Loading Southern Pacific Hydra-Cushion boxcar

Glassware, furniture, canned good, bottled goods, newsprint, and hundreds of other fragile products travel damage free in SP Hydra Cushion boxcars.

Southern Pacific 60 foot Hydra-Cushion flat car

Machinery shipped on SP's 60 foot Hydra Cushion flat cars often can be moved in fewer section, with lower re-assembly costs. Hydra Cushion protects delicate parts.

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