SP Hydra-Cushion

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Forklift loading newsprint into SP Hydra-Cushion boxcar

Newsprint is a "natural" for Hydra Cushion protection. It may not appear fragile but if the core or body becomes "out of round" trouble on the press can occur.

Forklift loading SP Hydra-Cushion boxcar

Canned and other case goods of all kinds are shipped in insulated SP Hydra Cushion cars to prevent denting and assure delivery in shelf display condition.

Heavy loads braced inside a SP Hydra-Cushion boxcar

Tin plate coils and other heavy loads can shipped safely in SP boxcars with heavy duty floors and Hydra Cushion underframes for added protection.

Load divider bulkheads inside PFE Hydra-Cushion mechanical reefer

Fresh and frozen produce rides smoothly to eastern markets in PFE Hydra Cushion mechanical reefers with interior Load Divider bulkheads.