Old Saugus, California

Saugus Cafe on San Fernando Road in 1931

This is Saugus in 1931 looking south on San Fernando Road. To the right is the Saugus Cafe. To the left beyond the semaphore signals is the Saugus depot. An eastbound train has just picked up its helper and is steaming off toward Newhall under a cloud of smoke. These photos were provided by the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society and are used by permission.

Saugus, California in 1950

In this picture from 1950, the depot is right in the center of the picture. The Coast Line used to connect here until the line through Chatsworth was completed in 1904. You can see that line curving to the left just beyond the Saugus Cafe.

Cab forward view of Saugus railroad depot in 1947

This is the view from a cab-forward on an eastbound train as it approaches the depot in 1947. Two westbound trains (Second and Third 801) are in the siding. Photo by Ward Kimball.

I think around 1943 the tunnel on the curve just north of the depot was daylighted.  The railroad then installed another siding north of the deport to help with war time traffic. A small CTC board was installed at the Saugus depot with control over three switches: the west end of the new siding, the east end of the sidings south of the depot, and the west end of the Newhall siding.