Farmrail locomotives at Clinton, OK

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Farmrail locomotive 1701 at Clinton, OK

Newly repainted engine 1701 rests at Clinton, OK on December 10, 1994.

Farmrail locomotive 1701 at Clinton Farmrail locomotive 317 at Clinton, OK

Not far away were Farmrail engines 317 and 8253. It is late afternoon and I am rapidly loosing my light. The front of engine 317 looks odd without a headlight between the number boards. Farmrail operates 82 miles of exRock Island trackage between Weatherford and Erick plus 89 miles of exSanta Fe trackage between Westhom and Elmer. Its affiliate, Grainbelt Coorporation, operates 176 miles of exFrisco trackage from Enid to Fredrick. All of these lines intersected at Clinton. Disk 84

Farmrail locomotive 317 at Clinton