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Willard, NM in 1943

Caboose on ATSF train stopped at Willard, NM in 1943 rear brakeman is out to protect the rear of the train

Jack's train stopped at Willard. More than likely to take on water. The rear brakeman has dropped back to protect the rear of the train.

ATSF train leaving Willard, NM in 1943

In 1929, ATSF added a desk interlocking panel at Willard to control the 2 siding switches and the crossing of the New Mexico Central Railway. That railroad started in 1902 and was aquired by the Santa Fe in 1926. It operated from a connection with the EP&SW at Torrance (35 miles to the southeast) north to a connection at Kennedy (60 miles) with the ATSF line near Lamy.