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AT&SF Railway piggyback train symbols 199 and 169 at Thoreau, NM

AT&SF Railway piggyback train symbol 169 at Thoreau, NM

Around 1980 the highway department built a bridge over the tracks and removed the crossing. Train 169 (Extra 5108 West) rushes under the new overpass just before the sun went down on July 21, 1988.

AT&SF Railway piggyback train symbol 199 at Thoreau, NM

Just a half hour earlier, I caught train 199 (Extra 9543 West) heading into a very low sun. The train is on the north (formerly eastbound) track. In the background, above the big bush to the right of all the smoke, you can see the south track coming back to join the north track. Further west the railroad crosses the Continental Divide at Gonzales (milepost 130) at an elevation of 7,248 feet. Disk 64