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Santa Fe Railway fuel rack and footbridge at Belen, NM

Santa Fe Railway fuel rack at Belen, NM

These locomotives near the old roundhouse are on the east side of Belen Yard. During our September 1972 trip, Steve and I got permission to see the two steam engines stored in the roundhouse. Engine 3156 switches cars under the old footbridge. The bridge was taken down around 1985.

Santa Fe Railway GP20 and footbridge at Belen, NM Google satellite view of south Belen Yard

In 1951 the Santa Fe extended the yard to accommodate longer trains. This put an "S" curve in the mainline at the south end of the yard. The Rio Grande River is at the right portion of the picture. You can see in this Google satellite view how the original line came straight off the bridge to enter the south end of the yard and how the new line had to curve south to allow for the greater length of the yard. Now trains are again too long and some westbound stack trains hang out across Jarales Road when the headend is stopped at the fuel racks at the north end of the yard.

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