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Union Pacific Railroad locomotives at Northport, Nebraska

Union Pacific Railroad locomotives B4316 and 3613 at Northport, Nebraska

Back at Northport I was waiting for the next train and decided to get a couple pictures of engines B4316 and 3613 as they rested in the morning sun.

Union Pacific Railroad locomotives 3543 and 3313 on the local at Northport

As I was about to set up to take another picture I heard the whine of turbo charged engines in run eight. I normally try to get on the sunny side, but just didn't have time as the South Morrill Local roars by with engines 3543 and 3313. I tried to do the best I could with what I had.

Union Pacific engines 3543 and 3313 on the local at Northport

The BN crossing is just beyond those silver relay boxes. The UP installed an automatic interlocker here at Northport in 1933. Disk 82