Chessie System loaded coal train at Hamlet, NC in 1991

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L&N 4035 on westbound train at Hamlet, NC in 1977

L&N 4035 was at the big yard north of Hamlet, NC in July 1977. The train will soon leave and head west to Monroe. The Seaboard Air Line Railway completed a new automatic hump yard at Hamlet three miles north of the town in November 1954. When it was new, this rail yard was claimed to be the most modern facility in the world with a capacity of 5,000 cars. On average it classified cars for a dozen outbound trains a day.

Chessie System loaded coal train at Hamlet, NC in 1991

This was probably one of my most recent slide pictures. After I got my new video camcorder, I was trying to do video and photography at the same time. Extra 8189 East eases into Hamlet with a loaded coal train on December 11, 1991. The train has stopped for a crew change.

Chessie System loaded coal train at Hamlet, NC

The Wilmington, Charlotte, & Rutherford Railroad began construction in 1857. Construction was halted during the Civil War. At that time there were two segments: 112 miles west from Wilmington to Rockingham and 31 miles west from Charlotte to near Stanley. Construction resumed in 1870, the two segments were connected and reorganized to form the Carolina Central Railway in 1873. It ran west from Wilmington to Monroe then northwest to Charlotte and Shelby. In 1877, the Raleigh & Augusta Air Line Railroad crossed the Carolina Central Railway here at Hamlet. Disk 128