Seaboard Coast Line train on former Durham & Southern trackage at Apex, NC in 1977

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Seaboard Coast Line train on former Durham & Southern trackage at Apex, NC in 1977

The Durham & Southern was merged into the Seaboard Coast Line in September 1976. On March 1, 1977 I caught SCL 1402, slug 340, and engine 938 on the former D&S trackage at Apex, NC headed to Durham. Notice the interesting set of mailboxes on a turnstile.

Seaboard Coast Line train with Durham & Southern engines at Norlina, NC in 1977

That same morning I caught D&S engines 2000 and 2002 behind SCL 1511 with a piggyback train at Norlina, NC. The Portsmouth and Weldon Railroad completed a line between the Roanoke River near Weldon, NC and Portsmouth, VA in 1835. In 1846 it became the Seaboard Roanoke Railroad. The Raleigh & Gaston began building in 1835 and was completed in 1843. Ten years later it connected with the Seaboard Roanoke Railroad at Weldon. The Raleigh and Augusta Air Line Railroad building south from Raleigh connected with the Carolina Central at Hamlet in 1877. Richmond Petersburg and Carolina Railroad built south from Petersburg and connected with the Raleigh & Gaston at Norlina in 1900. All of these railroads were joined together in 1900 to form the Seaboard Air Line.

The SAL and ACL merged in 1967 and soon abandoned the SAL trackage in the Petersburg area in favor of the ACL trackage. SCL built Collier Yard just south of the N&W bypass line south of Petersburg and added a connector from the south end of Collier Yard to the old SAL trackage. However SCL favored the former ACL trackage and decided to abandon the line between Collier Yard and Norlina in 1987. Disk 128