Seaboard Coast Line piggyback train at Rocky Mount, NC in 1978

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The Seaboard Air Line Railway and Atlantic Coast Line Railroad merged to form the Seaboard Coast Line in 1967. SCL merged with the Clinchfield Railroad, Louisville & Nashville, and Georgia Railroad in 1983 to form Seaboard System (Family Lines) in 1983. The Chessie System merged with the Family Lines to form CSX in 1987.

Seaboard Coast Line piggyback train at Rocky Mount, NC in 1978

A piggyback train stops at Rocky Mount, NC for a crew change late in the afternoon on April 29, 1978. The lead unit is 2027 and the third unit is L&N 3028.

Seaboard Coast Line engines from piggyback train at Rocky Mount

The units are cut off and run to the north end of the yard to make a pick up.

Seaboard Coast Line locomotives by water tank at Rocky Mount, NC in 1978

I followed the units to the north end and soon after taking this picture was told that some very mean pigs had broken out of a stock car and were roaming around the yard. With the light fading and not wanting to run into a mad pig, I decided it was time to give up chasing trains for the day and head to Virginia Beach.

In 1913, the Atlantic Coast Line added 167 semaphore signals Pleasant Hill, NC (one mile south of NC state line) to Selma on double track. In 1949 the railroad was replacing the old semaphore signals with US&S color light signals. At the same time, it added CTC from Rocky Mount south to Contentea, NC on 20 miles of double track. The CTC machine was in Rocky Mount. Disk 128