Three brake cylinders on NdeM SD40-2

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NdeM SD40-2 switching passenger cars at Piedras Negras

The next assignment for the locomotive was setting up the afternoon passenger train to Saltillo. In the distance you can see the international railroad bridge over the Rio Grande.

Three brake cylinders on NdeM SD40-2 truck

Once that job was done, engine 8746 was parked by the roundhouse. Old tank cars don't go away to die, they just get an exalted position in life. Interesting that the trucks on engine 8746 have three brake cylinders on each side. Almost all of the US SD40s and SD40-2s had two brake cylinders. I think the original paint scheme was more of a red. After baking in the desert sun, the red has changed to more of a peach color like some of the Santa Fe warbonnet freight units. I didn't want to draw attention to myself, so I took this set of pictures and moved on.

Three brake cylinders on NdeM SD40-2 truck