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Model Railroad Layout Names

Train GIF
Track diagram

Lets put all of this together. Take the typical railfan family of four: Tom (husband, dad, railfan, modeler), wife Paula, son Cody (currently more interested in football than trains), and daughter Sharon (very much into Barbie and gymnastics).

Station names are derived from their first names. To keep his mother-in-law (Mrs. Pratt) happy, Tom has also named a station in her honor. The other station names are colors with simple suffixes. A branch leaves the main line for a very important connection with the Union Pacific, so it is called Omaha Jct.

Industry names give the model railroad an Ohio flavor. To keep his son interested, there is the North Fork Lake (NFL) Industrial Park at Fort Cody.

If you still need more ideas, see A Day on the UP in the library. This report is filled with the names of towns, sidings, and junctions along the Union Pacific. For more train names see the Southern Pacific Freight Train Symbol History also located in the library.