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Climbing up to Goffs

Near Homer the tracks curve slightly and then make a bee line for Goffs. The road to the left is the old US 66. If you look closely you can see a set of upper quadrant semaphore signals. The Santa Fe completed the installation of double track and automatic block signals between Needles and Goffs on October 21, 1912.

Over the top at Goffs

We top the hill at Goffs, milepost 609. Off to the right it looks like a military staging area. Oops, can I say that? Forget I said that, as it might still be classified. The Goffs depot was built in 1902. Note the searchlight signal on the eastbound main. You will see this same signal again on several of the following pages.

The Nevada Southern Railway began building from Goffs in 1893 to reach a gold mining area to the north. The railroad reached Searchlight, NV in 1907, became part of the Santa Fe and was then called the Barnwell Branch. At its peak I think there were three trains a week to Searchlight. It connected with the wye for turning helper engines that you see going off to the left. The Barnwell Branch was abandoned in 1924.