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ATSF westbound train at Haviland, AZ

The train is on the move again. Here it is crossing the bridge over the Sacramento Wash near Haviland, milepost 546. This train is a short one at just 33 cars if I counted correctly.

Down to Topock, AZ

The train has stopped at Topock, milepost 566.

Security guard at Topock bridge

The train stopped again just beyond the bridge long enough for Jack to run back and get a picture of the sentry guarding the west end of the Topock Bridge. Military guards were assigned to many of the railroad structures that the Defense Department consider crucial to the war effort. You can see the caboose and tank cars of his train to the right. Notice that this section is gauntleted, meaning that the east and westbound tracks have not come together as single track, but are next to one another so that only one train at a time can use the bridge.