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AT&SF Railway station at Kingman, Arizona in 1943

At Kingman, Jack got off his train to wait for another westbound freight train. While waiting at the Kingman depot he was able to get a shot of the station and some of the water wells. US 66 used to cross the tracks just west of the depot and then go down the canyon between the east and westbound tracks.

AT&SF Railway trains at Kingman, Arizona in 1943

An eastbound troop train with engines 1306 and 3892 has stopped at Kingman. By looking at the shadows it appears to be a little before noon. The lead engine is the helper and it will be cut out at Yampai. This was the longest helper district on the Santa Fe at 115 miles.

ATSF Railway train at Kingman, Arizona in 1943

Engine 1306 is a passenger 4-6-2 built by Baldwin in 1911. Notice the shield placed over the headlight. This was a wartime addition to cut down on the amount of stray light. The engineers are out oiling the siderods, while the firemen add water to the tenders.