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Arizona Flyover built in 1913

When Santa Fe surveyors and engineers designed the double track installation around 1910 there would be two flyovers on the system. One flyover is at Frost just south of Victorville, CA. That flyover was built in 1924 and is still in use today. The other flyover was here in Arizona and was built in 1913. West of Ash Fork, between Pineveta and Crookton the eastbound track bridges over the westbound track. As a result the railroad operated left hand from Belen to the Arizona flyover, right hand from there to Frost, and then left hand again to San Bernardino.

The steam powered freight Jack's train ran around at Darling is approaching the bridge and will soon go under it. It will swing to the east and climb the grade up to Gleed where Jack's train has stopped. Further up the hill is Crookton where the two tracks come back together. The ruling grade for westbounds up to Crookton is 75 feet per mile while the eastbound grade from Crookton to Pineveta drops down much quicker at 147 feet per mile. All of the trackage from Crookton to just west of Ash Fork was abandoned after the Crookton cut-off went into operation in 1960.

The Other Flyover

A four unit diesel powered train has come under the bridge following the steam powered freight train.