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Run Around at Winona, AZ

At Winona, Jack's train overtakes the steam powered train that left Winslow ahead of it. The rear brakeman of that train has lined this train into the siding so it can run around his. This will save Jack's train time as it will not be stuck behind this train as it has to stop for water. Once clear of the east switch at Winona, the rear brakeman on the other train will line the switch back to the main so this train won't have to stop. The original location name was Walnut for nearby Walnut Canyon and later Winona. The railroad changed the name of the siding from Winona to Darling in November 1959.

Run Around at Winona, AZ

Engine 3893 was in a group of Baldwin 2-10-2s built during the 20s. The next group of heavy steam engines for the Santa Fe would be 2-10-4s built during the 30s.

Old US 66 at Winona

The train meets an eastbound freight as it are easing out of the siding at Winona. That is the old US 66 bridge over the tracks. As the Bobby Troup song says, "Don't forget Winona." US 66 used this bridge until 1947 when another bridge was built over the track between Cosnino and Flagstaff.