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West Winslow

The westward parade got hung up just west of Winslow. Jack's train was number three in line. For some reason the first train stopped near Dennison. It got going again. You can see the smoke from that train that has been blown to the north toward the right side of the picture. The engineer on the train ahead has gotten a clear signal and has opened up the throttle to get moving. The signal ahead of Jack's train will clear when the train ahead is into the next block. The signal on the other side of it is the approach signal for West Winslow. The Santa Fe installed an interlocking at West Winslow around 1929 and this signal was changed during the installation. The signal has indications for three different routes into Winslow: north main, middle main, or go into the yard.


Jack's train has left Winslow behind and meets the eastbound Super Chief near Dennison. Off to the right is a gas station along US 66.


After going though Sunshine, the train will soon be crossing the Canyon Diablo bridge. The Santa Fe added upper quadrant signals between Flagstaff and Winslow in 1914. Off in the distance you can see the San Francisco Peaks. After crossing the big bridge the tracks turn due west and head toward Angell.