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AT&SF Railway Super Chief at Thoreau, NM

Santa Fe engine 3255 at Thoreau, NM in 1943

While Jack's train was entering the siding at Thoreau, an eastbound train rolls by on the north track. Engine 3255 is a Baldwin 2-8-2 built around 1920. That sure looks like a short tender compared to those used by the more powerful 4-8-4s and 2-10-2s. Seems like you would always be stopping for water.

Thoreau, NM in 1943

Jack got of the front of the caboose near the switch in order to catch a picture of the conductor on the rear platform.

AT&SF Railway Super Chief at Thoreau, NM

The train is in the siding at Thoreau to clear the Super Chief. At that time, the Super Chief operated twice a week and was pulled by three new E6 locomotives. These were built by Electromotive in 1940.