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Lady Operator at Santa Fe Railway Dalies station

During the war, many women joined the railroad and worked in a variety of roles, doing everything except operating the trains. At Dalies the conductor on Jack's train picks up train orders from a lady operator. The train orders will give the train authority to run ahead of passenger trains coming off the line from Raton Pass. Dalies is ten miles northwest of Belen and at milepost 27.4 as measured from Albuquerque. Since the original line was constructed from Albuquerque, all mileposts from here west to Barstow are measured from there. There is a 1.25% grade from Belen up to Dalies at about 5,250 feet. The line then drops down a 0.6% grade to Rio Puerco.

The Santa Fe installed a 24 lever mechanical interlocking at Dalies, NM in 1908. This was replaced by an electric interlocker with 14 levers in 1923. In 1924, it added 13 US&S color light signals from Dalies, NM to Rio Puerco on 9 miles of double track. In 1928, it added 12 color light signals from Belen to Dalies on 10 miles of single track. It also added 2 levers to the electric interlocking to control 1 siding switch.