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Picking Up Train Orders

I think this is train 60 out of El Paso and was scheduled into Albuquerque about noon. The schedule was revised later in 1943 to terminate in Belen. Train 46 was then scheduled out of Belen at 930PM and would follow the eastbound passenger fleet to La Junta, Colorado. This revision in schedule gave the train more time to make connections at Belen.

Picking Up Train Orders Freight trains meet at Isleta

Train 408 came out of Albuquerque right behind Amtrak 3 on February 20, 1974. That is train 804 to the right waiting on the original mainline to Belen. Train 408 is following Amtrak 3 up the line to Dalies. The lead engine on train 408 is by the same signal that is to the right in the Jack Delano pictures above, although the semaphore has been replaced by a searchlight signal. The picture below was taken by Jack on a different day. Travelers on northbound Interstate 25 get just about the same view that Jack had from the US highway 85 bridge back then.

Isleta in 1943