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Santa Fe Railway interlocking station at Isleta, NM

Isleta is twelve miles south of Albuquerque at milepost 915. This is where the Atlantic and Pacific began building west to meet the Southern Pacific at the Colorado River. The original Santa Fe mainline continued south to Rincon and then southwest to meet the Southern Pacific at Deming in March 1881.

Interlocking Plant

The operator is lining up the interlocking plant for a northbound train coming out of Belen. This 10 lever mechanical interlocking plant was installed in 1916 and removed in 1959 with the installation of CTC. The CTC went from Isleta to Abajo (the end of double track) in Albuquerque and was controlled by the dispatcher at Las Vegas, NM.

Santa Fe M119 Interlocking Plant

After the passenger train is by, the operator hangs the train order delivery hoops. The orders will give a freight train authority to proceed north into Albuquerque. We are looking south in the picture below. The track on the left with the clear signal goes south to Belen. The track on the right goes up to Dalies.