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Industry Names

Company names generally have three parts. There is the basic name, which may be the name of the owner(s), the name of the town, county or state in which it is located, or a generic name. It may also be a set of letters and/or numbers.

Some names reveal the area served by the company, such as: Keystone, Dixie, Great Lakes, Cascade, Peachtree, Piedmont, Sierra, or Tidewater. Other companies use the name of animals to project an image of strength or higher intelligence, such as Bulldog, Buffalo, Eagle, Fox, Lion, Owl, or Tiger. Names may be modified with prefixes of suffixes, such as Max-, -co, or -tec. Some company names are the combination of the owners' names or city names, like Dalworth, serving Dallas and Fort Worth.

The following list contains generic names used by companies: A-1, Academy, Ace, Acme, Advance(d), Affiliated, Allied, Amalgamated, American, Anchor, Applied, Arrow, Associated, Atlantic, Atlas, Automated, Bell, Best, Blue, Bonanza, Capital, Central, Century, Certified, Champion, Chief, Circle, Colonial, Commercial, Commonwealth, Consolidated, Continental, Custom, Crown, Delta, Deluxe, Diamond, Dominion, Eagle, Eastern, Empire, Express, Federal, First, Fox, Galaxy, General, Global, Golden, Gulf, Heritage, Horizon, Imperial, Independent, Industrial, Inland, International, Interstate, Liberty, Lucky, Major, Marathon, Master, Midway, Mission, Modern, National, Northern, Nova, Pacific, Performance, Pioneer, Polaris, Precision, Premium, Progressive, Quality, Regal, Regency, Reliable, Republic, Sentinel, Shamrock, Southern, Star, Superior, Supreme, Trinity, Triumph, Ultra, Union, United, Universal, and Western. The second part of the name is the product or service provided, such as: Appliance, Beverage, Cargo, Chemical, Cold Storage, Components, Compress, Container, Development, Distributors, Electric, Elevator, Engineering, Equipment, Express, Fabricating, Fittings, Foods, Forwarding, Ginning, Industries, Machine, Manufacturing, Marketing, Merchandise, Metals, Mill(ing), Moving & Storage, News, Packing, Plastics, Powder, Processing, Produce, Products, Resources, Salvage, Services, Shipping, Storage, Supply, Systems, Terminals, Trading, Transfer, Transport, Warehouse, and Wholesale. You can be more specific with products like coal, gravel, lumber, etc. The third part of the name is the type or branch of the company, such as: Agency, Association, Bureau, Company, Co-op, Division, Enterprises, Incorporated, Industries, and Limited. This part is optional. From just these, we could make company names like, Continental Cold Storage, or Republic Plastics Limited. We can use states and regions to form names like, Texas and Tidewater Transfer or the town name to form, Pine Creek Lumber Company. You can almost smell the sawdust.
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