Milwaukee Road freight train at Bensenville Yard

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Milwaukee Road freight train at Bensenville Yard

The Milwaukee Road completed Tower B12 in 1918. It is a 52 lever mechanical interlocking protecting the crossing of the Milwaukee Road at the east end of Bensonville Yard with the Soo Line. The operator hands up train orders to the headend crew on Milwaukee Road engine 364. The train is running east out of Bensenville Yard and will turn north at Tower A3 seven miles ahead for the run north to Milwaukee. The train is coming through Franklin Park on a cloudy June 21, 1980. A short time later Soo Line engines 771 and 6605 pulls a train bound for the Indiana Harbor Belt across the Milwaukee Road. In just a few short years the Soo Line will take over the Milwaukee Road trackage and Wisconsin Central will operate the former Soo Line trackage. Disk 110

Soo Line freight train at Franklin Park