Santa Fe's Hot 27 Western Region

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Needles to Barstow

1-198-11 was climbing the grade out of Needles near Java with 58 cars 3,077 tons. It left Needles at 553AM, one hour 12 minutes ahead of schedule.

Santa Fe train 991 at Java, CA

975-12 left Barstow at 310AM, four hours 50 minutes late, with 62 cars 4,536 tons and was near Danby climbing the long grade to Goffs.

952-12 left Barstow at 350AM, two hours 50 minutes late, with 55 cars 5,478 tons. It was near Bagdad.

SCHLA-11 left Needles at 124AM, nine minutes late, with 81 cars 6,537 tons and was easing into the yard in Barstow.

589-11 arrived in Barstow at 230AM, one hour 15 minutes ahead of schedule, with 60 cars 5,032 tons.

Barstow to Los Angeles

QLABH-12 left San Bernardino at 340AM, five hours 15 minutes late. It was near Lenwood with 51 cars 4,070 tons.

SLACH-12 left San Bernardino at 423AM, two hours 18 minutes late, with 44 cars 3,374 tons and was near Hesperia.

891-13 was near Verdemont climbing the grade up Cajon Pass right on schedule. It left San Bernardino at 553AM with 49 cars 2,710 tons.

875-13 left Los Angeles at 518AM, three hours 48 minutes late, with 38 cars 2,632 tons and was near La Mirada.

188-11 arrived in Los Angeles at 339AM, one hour 21 minutes ahead of schedule, with 56 cars 3,355 tons.

QNYLA-11 arrived in Los Angeles at 412AM, four hours 18 minutes ahead of schedule, with 15 cars 856 tons.

Barstow to Richmond

199-11 left Barstow at 405AM, two hours 25 minutes ahead of schedule, with 60 cars 3,139 tons. It was near Cameron heading toward Tehachapi.

Santa Fe train 589 at Walong, CA Santa Fe train 199 at Woodford, CA
Santa Fe train 199 Tunnel 2 Santa Fe train QFRCH Caliente, CA
Santa Fe train 199 at Ilmon, CA

971-12 left Fresno at 443AM, 33 minutes late, with 39 cars 3,007 tons and was near Wasco. 975-13 was near Stockton with 22 cars 1,553 tons. It left Richmond at 215AM, 15 minutes late. 952-13 left Richmond at 420AM, 40 minutes ahead of schedule, with three cars 167 tons and was near Orwood. 991-13 left Richmond at 424AM, one hour 24 minutes late, with 13 cars 866 tons. It had just finished making a pick up at North Bay. 189-10 left Fresno at 1251AM, one hour 24 minutes ahead of schedule, with 37 cars 2,039 tons and was approaching Richmond.