Santa Fe's Hot 27
Rocky Mountain Region

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Temple and Cleburne to Clovis

589-13 left Temple at 618AM with 76 cars 6,231 tons. It was running about an hour and a half ahead of schedule near Lometa on the Lampasas Sub. Train 589 began as the 588 in 1977 and became 589 in May 1984. It operated from Pearland, TX Tuesday through Saturday with 3 hpt. It handled TOFC and double stack traffic. At Clovis, it set out traffic for Barstow, Los Angeles and San Bernardino for the 578.

875-11 left Brownwood at 447AM, one hour 57 minutes late, with 25 cars 1,708 tons. It was near Stephenville and would leave the Dublin Sub at Cresson and head to Cleburne. Train 875 began in 1981 as the 878 and became 875 in 1986. 875 operated from Los Angeles Tuesday through Saturday with 3.1 hpt to Belen and 2.4 hpt to Dallas. It handled TOFC, manifest, and double stack traffic for Houston (set out at Belen for train 785) the KCS (set out at Clovis for train 975) and Zacha Jct.

2-975-11 left Brownwood at 735AM, 10 hours 25 minutes ahead of schedule, with 60 cars 4,201 tons. It was near Blanket following the 875. Train 975 handled TOFC, autos, and manifest traffic for Fort Worth, Dallas, and KCS connection to New Orleans. It operated from Richmond Tuesday through Saturday with 3.1 hpt to Belen and 2 hpt to Dallas.

QDABA-12 arrived in Sweetwater at 705AM, 50 minutes late, with 65 cars 5,349 tons. Train QDABA traces its history to the old TLA symbol and became train 508 in 1971. It became train 568 in Sept. 1989, became train 537 Sept. 18, 1990, and three days later became the QDABA. It operated daily from Dallas with 1.5 hpt to Belen 2 hpt to Barstow. It handled traffic from KCS train 56.

QDABA-11 left Lubbock at 630AM running 20 hours late. It was near Anton with 79 cars 5,520 tons.

QHOBA-12 was further up the line near Muleshoe with 80 cars 8,065 tons. It left Lubbock at 529AM, six hours 56 minutes ahead of schedule.

Clovis to Belen

SCHLA-12 left Clovis at 630AM, one hour 45 minutes late, with 72 cars 5,973 tons. It was in the siding at Cantara waiting for the QLABH.

QLABH-11 left Belen at 300AM, two hours late, with 37 cars 1,946 tons and was approaching Cantara.

875-12 left Belen at 318AM, four hours 37 minutes ahead of schedule, with 34 cars 2,027 tons. It was near Fort Sumner.

SLACH-11 left Belen at 347AM, 58 minutes ahead of schedule. It was near Vaughn with 68 cars 5,627 tons.

Santa Fe train 981 at Mountainair, NM

188-12 was near Mountainair with 52 cars 3,149 tons. It left Clovis at 325AM, 50 minutes ahead of schedule.

Santa Fe train 508 at Sais, NM

589-12 arrived in Belen at 328AM, two hours 32 minutes ahead of schedule, with 75 cars 6,338 tons.

Santa Fe train 589 Belen

578-12 had just left Belen at 658AM, one hour 32 minutes ahead of schedule with 66 cars 4,373 tons.

Belen to Winslow

1-991-12 was near Rio Puerco with 63 cars 4,034 tons. It left Gallup at 450AM, one hour 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

893-12 left Gallup at 550AM, two hours late, with 73 cars 4,391 tons. It was passing the wye to the Lee Ranch Mine at Baca.

2-991-12 left Gallup at 602AM, three minutes ahead of schedule, with 49 cars 2,543 tons. It was near the Continental Divide.

1-975-11 had just arrived in Gallup with 73 cars 5,035 tons. It had derailed five cars near Rowen (in the Tehachapi Mtns.) on the 11th, spilling several car loads of automobiles into the canyon. The accident not only delayed this train, which was now running over 15 hours late, but several following trains as well.

971-11 left Winslow at 410AM, two hours 30 minutes late, with 61 cars 4,158 tons and was approaching Gallup. Train 971 started as the 981 and became 971 on June 9, 1989. It operated from Richmond Monday through Saturday with 4 hpt and picks up Kansas City and Chicago TOFC at Stockton, Fresno, Bakersfield, Barstow, Belen, and Amarillo.

QHOBA-11 left Gallup at 634AM with 71 cars 6,955 tons. It was near Lupton running about a half hour ahead of schedule.

Santa Fe train 188 at Houck, AZ

941-12 was near Adamana. It left Winslow at 552AM, 12 hours 33 minutes ahead of schedule, with 73 cars 4,051 tons.

Santa Fe train QNYLA Cheto, AZ

189-11 left Gallup at 510AM, two hours 15 minutes ahead of schedule, with 33 cars 2,204 tons and was near Holbrook.

Winslow to Needles

QDABA-10 left Winslow at 448AM, 15 hours 38 minutes late. It was near Flagstaff with 62 cars 4,957 tons.

Santa Fe train 189 Darling, AZ Santa Fe train 589 at Flagstaff

1-QLANY-12 left Needles at 246AM, 16 minutes late, with 50 cars 2,810 tons. It was approaching the old crew change point of Seligman.

2-198-11 left Winslow at 341AM, two hours 51 minutes late, with 71 cars 4,119 tons and was near Valentine.

QBAHO-13 was near Kingman with a short train of just 20 cars 908 tons. It left Needles at 522AM, three hours 48 minutes ahead of schedule.

SLACH8-12 left Needles at 548AM and was near Griffith. It was running about a half hour late with 66 cars 6,205 tons. Train SLACH8 was established on May 21, 1988 as the 841 for the movement of Hyundai double stack traffic.

2-QLANY-12 left Needles at 648AM, four hours 18 minutes late, with 61 cars 3,160 tons. It was heading toward the Colorado River bridge.

QHOBA-10 left Winslow at 1058PM, 10 hours 48 minutes late, with 82 cars 7,940 tons and was near Needles.