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ATSF Railway coal train symbol CDVML

ATSF Railway coal train symbol CDVML near Palmer Lake

ATSF train CDVML is stopped waiting for the helper to be cut off at Palmer Lake on May 16, 1992. The train has engines Oakway9044, BN5548, BN6766, and BN5036. The train loaded at the Black Thunder Mine as BN train TT030 and is headed to Southwestern Service Company's Tolk power plant near Muleshoe, TX. The train was turned over to the Santa Fe at Denver and became train CDVML. It will run through La Junta and then south to Amarillo.

BN train RR140 near Palmer Lake

BN train RR140 is dropping down the hill from Palmer Lake on September 20, 1987. The train has engines BN5514, 5828, Oakway 9084, 9042, and 9033. This train loaded at the Rawhide Mine and is going to the West Texas Utilities power plant at Oklaunion, TX. Disk 38