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Funky Western Pacific Railroad Bridges in the Feather River Canyon

Western Pacific Railroad train TOF on funky bridge in the Feather River Canyon

Just before the big bridge at Keddie, the railroad goes through a couple tunnels and some unique bridges. The bridges don't cross over streams or rivers. The slope of the hillside is so steep that it would be impossible to add enough fill material so the railroad had to resort to bridges to support the rails. Train TOF is crossing the first of these bridges on July 8, 1979. Disk 27

WP train WPX on bridge near Keddie WP train WPX near Keddie

The highway crosses over the tracks at the east end of Tunnel 31. The track crosses one of these bridges, then goes through Tunnel 32. Train WPX is approaching Keddie on July 8, 1979. Disk 26