Southern Pacific Railroad Grade Signal

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Southern Pacific Railroad Grade Signal

Earlier in this series we saw a grade signal near Sandcut and I said we would see this in use later. Now is the time. The circle G plate lets an up hill train pass a red signal without stopping. The circle G plate can only be applied to uphill signals on directional double track. Rule D-251 and 287. Under the rules, a train approaching a red grade signal can proceed without stopping at restricted speed prepared to stop short of the train ahead, switch not properly lined, or the next red signal. This lets trains keep rolling. If the train had to stop at the red signal, it would run the risk of breaking in two trying to get the train moving again.

AT&SF Railway freight train symbol 309

Train 309 (Extra 5043 West) is slowly grinding up the hill on May 30, 1978.

Following right behind this slow westbound is the Mojave Flyer. Just as the caboose passed I heard the whine of dynamic brakes. I turned and caught this picture of Extra 8841 East. In 1985, the first of many wind generators appeared on the hills above Cameron and ruined the scenery forever. Disk 47