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Extra BN6807 West

Extra BN6807 West meets Santa Fe train 908 (Extra 5706 East) on November 3, 1976.

Extra BN6807 West meets Santa Fe train 908 at the Tehacahpi Loop Radio controlled helper set on Extra BN6807 West

Radio controlled helpers 9298, RCU111, 9007, and another tunnel motor.

Extra BN6807 West encircles the loop SP caboose on Extra BN6807 West

Once the westbound train is by, the dispatcher lines the east switch at Walong and give the eastbound train a signal to leave.

Santa Fe Extra 5706 East

As the head brakeman was crossing the tracks in preparation for climbing aboard engine 5706, he hollered over to me, "That train was on fire!" Since the frequencies on the radios on Santa Fe trains were set to 160.650MHz and the SP radios were on 161.550MHz, the crews couldn't talk to each other. The Santa Fe crew had to call Bakersfield and have the agent there contact the SP dispatcher. The SP dispatcher then called the SP train to stop at Woodford and then contacted the fire department at Keene. I heard over my scanner that the fire was on the radio controlled helper set. A M/W truck picked up a crew member from the headend and drove him back to the offending unit. Turns out the cables to the dynamic brake grids was arcing to the body just above the N in the word Southern. The unit was shut down and the train then continued down the hill to Bakersfield without further incident. Disk 45

Keene firetruck and crew investigate fire on engine 9007 Hole burned in the side of engine 9007 by arcing in dymanic brakes