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Southern Pacific Railroad Searles Turn at Vincent, CA

Southern Pacific Railroad Searles Turn at Vincent, CA

The Searles Turn is about to duck under the Angeles Crest Highway bridge and enter Vincent. This highway bridge was built in the late 60s so highway traffic would not be blocked by trains meeting at Vincent. The old highway crossing was south of the old station at Vincent.

Southern Pacific Railroad train symbol MJDOL at Vincent, CA

Despite loosing two units, Extra 5301 East has made it over the top of the hill at Vincent with its heavy loads of potash. The elevation here is 3,215 feet. Vincent at one time had two sidings and a train order station. The agent at the depot had control of the two switches on the mainline. The other two switches were spring switches (just like at Caliente and Marcel). The train is on the original mainline and the other track was the old westward siding. After the completion of the Palmdale Colton Cutoff in 1967, the interlocking at Vincent was removed along with the eastbound siding. The switch motors were replaced with spring switches. Both switches were aligned to shunt trains to the right. This made it easier for opposing trains to meet at Vincent as neither train had to stop to line the train into the siding. There was also a wye at Vincent for turning helpers, but this was removed around 1960.

SP Extra 5319 West

In September 1973 Extra 5319 West was just about to enter the short stretch of double track at Vincent. This is the same engine that was the lead unit on the helper set on the Searles Turn shown above. Disk 48