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Alco locomotive S2, C628, and C630 at Colton, CA

Santa Fe Railway Alco locomotive S2

Santa Fe Railway engine 2350 brings a cut of interchange traffic into Colton from San Bernardino on February 14, 1974. Engine 2350 is an Alco S2. The engine was built in 1945 and worked mostly in the Los Angeles area before being retired in 1977. It now resides at the Gulf Coast Railroad Museum.

Southern Pacific Railroad Alco locomotive C630 and C628

A little further east engines 3152 and 3120 prepare to move a block of cars back to West Colton for reclassification. Until the new yard at West Colton became fully functional, quite a few Sunset Route trains were bypassing the new yard and using the east leg of the wye to access the Palmdale Colton Cut-off. These trains would either set out or pick up a Los Angeles Basin block at the old Colton Yard. Engine 3152 is an Alco C630 and 3120 is a C628. These engines began life on the SP in 1965 and 1966 working out of the Roseville Freight Pool north to Eugene, OR and east over Donner to Ogden, UT. In 1973 they were converted to yard engines. Disk 54