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Union Pacific train LAX led by Centennial 6932 at old Summit

Knowing that Summit would soon be changed forever, Steve and I made a special trip there in October 1972. Our first train was the Union Pacific LAX led by Centennial 6932. This DDA40X was not quite two years old when this picture was taken.

Santa Fe lite power move and caboose

Later that same morning a lite power move consisting of three GP35s and three GP30s (engines 3250, 3245, and 3247) roll through old Summit.

Santa Fe train 801 at old Summit

The 801 symbol rolls into Summit with it's solid train of piggyback trailers. The 801 was scheduled out of Los Angeles at 9:00AM.

Santa Fe engines 3407 and 3247

Later in the afternoon, engines 3407 and 3247 returned to Summit on the new line and stopped just west of the new crossover switches. While stopped, an eastbound trains rumbles through old Summit. Signal maintainers are connecting the switches to the relay box. All photos by Steve Carr.