B&O freight train at Lima, Ohio

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B&O ordered GRS CTC for Dayton, OH to Lima 10 miles of double track and 56 miles of single track in 1952. The project was completed in 1953 with the CTC machine at Dayton. At the time the line 6 passenger, two mail, four scheduled northbound freights, three scheduled southbound freights, and two local per day plus coal and ore trains. During 1953 the B&O move five million tons of coal and ore over this line.

B&O freight train at Lima, Ohio

The C&O acquired control of the B&O back in February 1963. However, twenty years later the engines still carried separate reporting marks. B&O engine 4009 and C&O 4089 pull a southbound train headed to Cincinnati through Lima, Ohio on June 6, 1982. B&O engine 6915 is working the south end of the yard switching a bad order car out of a coal train.

B&O freight train at Lima, Ohio interlocking tower

Near the passenger station, the B&O crossed the Pennsylvania Railroad at NS Tower. B&O engine 7521 pulls a bunch of empty coal hoppers by the tower on July 2, 1982. The tower was automated in 1995 and torn down in 1999. Disk 118