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Kansas City to Oklahoma City

Santa Fe Railway train symbol 185-12 left Kansas City 15 minutes late with 31 cars 2,155 tons and was near Holliday. Train 185 operated daily with 2.9 hpt to Oklahoma City and 2 hpt to Dallas. It handled TOFC and auto parts for Oklahoma City and TOFC for Zacha Jct.

Santa Fe Railway train 185 at Akron, KS
Santa Fe Railway train 185 at Akron, KS

941-10 left Emporia at 634AM, seven hours 54 minutes late, with 98 cars 6,555 tons. It was near Gardner. Train 941 was established May 1, 1990 and handled traffic for IHB Blue Island Yard in Chicago. From Barstow, it handled cars for Newton (set out at Belen for train 733), Kansas City, and IHB. It became train 948 on May 14, 1991.

1-QLANY-11 left Wellington at 541AM running 14 minutes ahead of schedule. It was near Emporia with 61 cars 3,278 tons.

2-198-12 left Emporia at 610AM, one hour five minutes late. It was near Matfield Green with 72 cars 4,401 tons. Train 198 began in early 1986 and operated daily except Monday. In August of 1986, it began operating daily with 4 hpt. It handled premium TOFC, mail, and UPS for Phoenix (set out on the Seligman Sub. for the VKCPX or 787), Barstow, and Los Angeles.

165-12 left Ark City at 552AM, one hour eight minutes ahead of schedule, with 42 cars 2,616 tons. It was near Perry, OK. Train 165 began as the 164 in 1980 and became 165 Oct. 4, 1983. It operated Tuesday through Saturday and handled TOFC, auto parts and manifest traffic for Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Dallas. It had 2.9 hpt to Oklahoma City and 2 hpt to Dallas.

VKCHO-12 left Ark City at 448AM, 38 minutes late, with 41 cars 3,431 tons. It was in the siding at Guthrie waiting for the 581. Train VKCHO was established on Oct. 1, 1990 and handled overflow from train 195. It operated as needed with 2.9 hpt to Oklahoma City and 2 hpt to Houston.

581-12 left Oklahoma City at 620AM, 40 minutes ahead of schedule, with 35 cars 1,813 tons and was approaching Guthrie.

Oklahoma City to Houston

195-12 left Gainesville at 438AM, three hours 22 minutes ahead of schedule, with 35 cars 2,577 tons. It was at Saginaw Yard on the north edge of Fort Worth.

Santa Fe train 195 at Saginaw, TX
Santa Fe Railway train symbol 195 at Saginaw, TX

185-11 arrived in Dallas at 320AM, one hour five minutes late, with 29 cars 2,560 tons.

Santa Fe train 578 at Grandbury, TX

578-13 left Dallas at 625AM, one hour 25 minutes late, with 74 cars 4,823 tons. It was near Alvarado on the Dallas Sub heading toward Cleburne. Train 578 began as the 579 in 1981, became train 588 in 1985, and became the 578 Nov. 7, 1989. It operates Tuesday through Sunday with 3 hpt and handles TOFC and double stack traffic for Belen, Phoenix, Fresno, Modesto, Stockton, Richmond, Barstow, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles.

Santa Fe train 975 Cedar Hill, TX

QBAHO-11 arrived in Temple at 655AM, nine hours five minutes ahead of schedule, with 71 cars 4,798 tons. The schedule calls for it to lay over for 12 hours while the train is reclassified. Train QBAHO traces its history to the old CTX symbol. It became the 805 in 1971 and was split into trains QBAHO and 625 on Sept. 18, 1990. QBAHO operated from Barstow Tuesday through Sunday with 2.5 hpt and handled primarily empty plastics and chemical cars for points in Texas and Louisiana.

QHOBA-13 left Houston at 320AM, 40 minutes ahead of schedule, with 66 cars 2,760 tons. It was near Rosenberg. Train QHOBA began Sept. 18, 1990 and primarily handled chemicals, plastics, and manifest traffic for California. It operated daily with 1.5 hpt to Belen and 2.5 hpt to Barstow. It picked up traffic at Somerville and Temple. It set out cars for Lubbock and Amarillo at Brownwood for train 534. It picked up additional traffic at Sweetwater from the UP. At Belen, it could be combined with QDABA on light days or on heavy days set out overflow traffic for the QDABA.

QBAHO-10 was near Pearland. It left Bellville at 300AM, six hours five minutes ahead of schedule, with 49 cars 4,933 tons.

195-11 arrived in Houston at 1205AM, one hour 25 minutes ahead of schedule, with 41 cars 2,726 tons.

Augusta, KS to Texico, TX

1-198-12 left Wellington at 657AM with 61 cars 4,042 tons 28 minutes ahead of schedule. It was near Attica on the Waynoka Sub.

QLABH-10 arrived in Waynoka at 1255AM, five hours 25 minutes late, with 68 cars 3,416 tons and was turned over to the BN. Train QLABH began as train 885 in 1977 and became QLABH on Dec. 15, 1989. QLABH operated from Los Angeles Monday through Saturday with 4 hpt and handled TOFC and double stack traffic. At Clovis, traffic for Kansas City connected with train 781 or 791, traffic for Galveston and Houston connected with train 785, and Dallas traffic connected with the 875.

1-199-12 was near the Oklahoma - Texas border. It left Waynoka at 620AM, 35 minutes ahead of schedule, with 54 cars 2,936 tons. Train 199 operated daily with 4 hpt and handled premium TOFC, COFC and UPS for Stockton, North Bay, and Richmond.

2-199-12 left Waynoka at 543AM, one hour 12 minutes ahead of schedule, with 25 cars 1,420 tons and was near Canadian, TX.

1-891-12 was near Amarillo. It left Clovis at 632AM, 43 minutes ahead of schedule, with 54 cars 3,185 tons.

2-891-12 left Clovis at 643AM, two hours two minutes ahead of schedule, with 33 cars 1,970 tons and was near Haney.

3-891-12 left Clovis at 652AM, 23 minutes ahead of schedule, with 35 cars 2,232 tons and was near Canyon.

952-11 was near Hereford. It left Clovis with 63 cars 5,379 tons at 708AM, one hour eight minutes late. Train 952 started in 1982 as the 972 and became 952 May 1, 1985. It operated from Richmond Monday through Saturday with 2 hpt and handled Conrail traffic for Elkhart, IN and Selkirk, NY via the Streator connection.

QNYLA-12 left Amarillo with 48 cars 3,180 tons at 626AM, one hour 14 minutes ahead of schedule and was near Texico. Train QNYLA began in Aug. 1987 handling traffic from Conrail trains TVLA and MAIL-9 for San Bernardino, San Diego, and Los Angeles. It operated daily with 4 hpt.