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ATSF Railway freight train symbol 928 at Kern Junction Tower

ATSF Railway freight train symbol 2-928 approaching Kern Junction ATSF Railway freight train symbol 2-928 at Kern Junction Tower

Late in the afternoon on December 4, 1985 train 2-928 approaches Kern Junction Tower. The train has engines 3817, 7495, 7489, and 3838 pulling 6,122 tons. Cut in about two-thirds deep are engines 3800, 5628, and 3833 that will help the train up to Summit. The engineer will pickup orders at the tower to run against the current of traffic to Sandcut, twelve miles ahead.

Helper power goes by Kern Junction Tower

A five foot extension on the rear of the tower was added in 1923. Operations at Kern Junction Tower ended in June 1986 and the tower was demolished a month later. Disk 40