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On my October 2006 trip, I was just west of the Continental Divide on the dirt road that heads north from Interstate 40 at Coolidge. The road has since been paved.

Picture of BNSF eastbound manifest train near Guam, NM

An eastbound manifest has just passed North Guam and will soon crest the summit at 7,248 feet above sea level. This location is better a little later in the afternoon.

Picture of BNSF empty coal train near Guam, NM

About an hour later, an empty coal train from the Cholla power plant at Joseph City, AZ heads east at the same location. This train will hang a left at Baca and go up the branch line to load at the Lee Ranch mine.

Picture of BNSF westbound manifest train near Guam, NM

Immediately after the Joe City coal train has passed, a westbound manifest, the HKCKBAR went by.