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Train SLPCLHW at split main lines west of Baca, NM in October 2006

Photograph of BNSF train symbol SLPCLHW on the south main west of Baca, NM

The SLPCLHW is just west of Baca and climbing at a steady 31.7 feet per mile. About a quarter mile beyond the engines is the original mainline. The grades on the original line vary from almost level up to 52.8 feet per mile. The train had engines 4574, 4773, and NS 8594.

Photograph of BNSF double stack train symbol on the south main near Thoreau

At Thoreau, the newer westbound main (south track) swings back to rejoin the north track. In the background just above the engines, you can see an eastbound piggyback train that just passed thru Thoreau.